If you’re going to Trick-or-Treat this year, do it safely.

This Halloween is unlike any we’ve seen before, forcing us to get more creative to find spooky and safe ways to have fun.

While many will be staying home this year, doing backyard candy hunts or busting out a Halloween piñata for the first time, it is safe in some areas to Trick-or-Treat following CDC social distancing guidelines.

You can review the map at halloween2020.org to see the risk level in your area and gauge appropriate activities for your family.

If you choose to Trick-or-Treat, remember to:

  • Stay home if sick
  • Trick or treat with people you live with
  • Remain 6 feet apart from people not in your…

To get to the Pop-up Pun-kin Patch 😉

Fall is here and so is fall fun on The Troop!

You can now browse the app for fall-themed Covid-safe activities to do with the kids (or create your own!) Just look for the pumpkin icons on the map.

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And, if you’re in the San Francisco Area, join us for The Troop Pop-up Pun-kin patch on Sunday, October 18th! 🎃

Download the app to checkout where we’ll be (or to request we come to your neighborhood!)

Just create a Fall Fun signal and invite “The Troop” and tell us why we should come to your street in the description.

There will be free pumpkins (and Halloween jokes) for all!

See you there! 👻

The Troop® is available for download on Android and iOS.

Email hello@jointhetroop.com to request an invite code.

Instagram @followthetroop


*Most of the time.

It’s been a tough year. And even though we’ve gone “back to school” — we all need a little bit of summer. So, to try to make your day just a little bit better, The Troop® is bringing you FREE ICE CREAM.🍦

WHAT?! When?! Where?!

The Troop Ice Cream Truck will be hitting up the San Francisco Bay Area on Sunday, 9/27. We’ll be partnering with local favorite Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos to bring ice cream to Troop members, free of charge.

If you’re in the Bay area, download the app to see where we’ll be and when throughout the day. …

Introducing Extra Hands and Pods in The Troop®

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One (very long) day at a time.

Over the past few weeks, it’s become clear we’re going to be here for awhile. I think we all knew it, but as we approach a new school year (minus the going back to school) we’ve had to face it.

That reality has prompted an overwhelming demand for support. Parents are taking action and finding ways to create pods for learning and socialization as well as shared care to get through the work day.

To help this mission, we’re launching Pods and Extra Hands — two new categories of signals that help parents get support from the community whenever they need it. …

How we navigate socializing with kids during a pandemic (and beyond).

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Actual footage of me during quarantine.

Being a parent of young kids is the best. It’s the greatest. The giggles, the kisses, the… inevitable crying and whining because you had the audacity to ask them to go to the bathroom? Or tell them they can’t eat hair? Or give them a pickle when they asked for a pickle?

We all know parenting is hard. Even in the best of times.

The last few months have taken that to a whole new level, to say the least. And it’s exposed a truth that we often forget: just how much it helps in those moments to have company. To have others around who know what you’re going through. …


Chelsey Susin Kantor

Founder of The Troop — a private local network for parents that makes it easier to meet-up and play with the kids. Because parenting is easier with company.

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